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Connect with industry professionals

Get involved with what’s next and learn from leaders in your field.

Learn what trends are happening in your industry

Find out how industry is solving problems for customers.

Discover where the industry is headed

Learn which interpersonal skills will put you over the top.

Meet the best leaders in the industry

You will find top leaders that will share their experiences to help you to find your place.

Create a road map to get where you want to be

With Directions 2022 conference, you can discover the steps you need to next.

Meet the right people at Directions 2022

Connect with experts and other newcomers to build your network.

The post-pandemic world is adapting

Learn how organizations and professionals are changing.

With the world after the pandemic, new skills need to be developed

There are emerging skills that you will need since the workplace has changed. New soft and hard skills will be needed to get ahead in your career.

Directions is your opportunity to map your future

Based on your current goals, Directions will help you to get a clearer path to move on in your career.

Scenes from Previous Directions

Features of Directions 2022

Keynote panel speakers

  • Leaders from across the province

Fireside Chats

  • Growth & Strategy – Developing a Winning Game Plan
  • Sustainable Innovation – Be a sustainable innovator and build disruptive technologies or businesses
  • Client Experience – The customer is the center of success
  • Entrepreneurship – Today’s entrepreneurs leverage their creative activism for social entrepreneurship
  • Inclusive & Diverse Leadership – It is a must-have strategy
  • Digital Transformation – The future of work and social interaction will be digitally driven through innovation

RBC Reaction by Collision networking event with

  • Expo
  • Networking Lounge
  • Round table event

Directions 2022 is about helping you gain an understanding of what is in
front of you, before they graduate.

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we'd love to hear from you

We are open to hearing new ideas and suggestions coming from students. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns of Directions 2022.


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