Michelyn Smythe

SAP Internship Experience Program, Program Lead (Canada) at SAP

I am the Program Lead for the SAP Internship Experience Project in Canada. My background is in project management, product management, and customer relationship management. The commonality between all of my roles is that I love to solve problems, manage programs and learning opportunities, always look for ways to do better and make better things, work with great brains, and provide a space where people can flourish.

My core values for how to achieve this are:
keeping open and consistent dialogue between all parties;
driving to true comprehension by asking the right questions at the right times;
being comfortable in ambiguous spaces and thinking through to concrete solutions;
identifying potential roadblocks and removing them long before they become issues;
employing pragmatic risk and issues assessment;
providing space and programs so that the creative and technical people can create and grow;
engaging in and creating a continuous and wholistic mentoring environment

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