Firesides – Growth and Strategy

Growth and Strategy – Developing a Winning Game Plan

The workplace is evolving — will your business keep up? Through the pandemic, the market witnessed a surge in reliance on digital platforms. We’ve seen the emergence of metaverse-focused companies around the world and rising investments in research and development activities fueling market growth for the future. How will you make this new work world work for you?


Ben Buckwold – CEO, Founder at Ellii

Mariette Mulaire – President and CEO of the World Trade Centre Winnipeg

Joel Dandeneau – Director, People & Culture at ID Fusion Software

Lenette Birdsell – RBC

Chris Schmidt – Co-founder and CEO of Pluto Ventures / Parallel

Alberto Velasco – Economic Development Winnipeg Inc.


Joanne Ching


I am Joanne Ching, an international student in the Business Technology Management program. I am passionate about connecting people, revamping processes and bringing positive energy into workplace. My experience involves financial operations, risk management and project management. I am interested in learning more about project management skills and the technologies used to improve efficiency at work. I also love listening to inspiring career stories and sharing my own experiences. Looking forward to the conference!


Raissa Marie Valderama



Hi, I am Raissa Marie Valderama, born and raised in the Philippines. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering, but my seven-year career in my home country was spent entirely in the IT industry. I am currently taking up business technology management program at the Roblin Center campus to further my skills and knowledge in project management and business analysis. I aim to be a project manager or business analyst in an IT company here in Winnipeg once I finish my program in 2024 or earlier. I am excited to be part of this conference, and I am glad to be part of the moderators


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