Firesides – Inclusive and Diverse Leadership

Inclusive and Diverse Leadership – It is a must-have strategy

Diversity is critical to business success. Diversity offers a synergy of different views and ideas. Diversity and inclusivity lead to a supportive work environment that accommodates varying perspectives on any issue. Business owners are adopting diversity as an opportunity to expand the horizon of growth, productivity and resourcefulness.


Juanita Huletey – WCB Manitoba

Diane Roussin – The Winnipeg Boldness Project

Isha Khan – Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Dene Guillas – Rainbow Resource Centre

Candace Hodgins – RBC


Laura Cortes Jaramillo

The world is constantly changing. Let’s accept the challenge of change and face it together. My name is Laura Cortes Jaramillo. I am Colombian. I am currently studying Business Administration at RRC Polytech, my major is Human Resources. I am a professional in Nutrition, with specializations in  Senior Management, Safety and Occupational Health, and Safety Management. I was also a lead auditor in ISO quality management systems. I am very pleased to participate and bring my experience to Directions, and I’m sure I will learn a lot from all the participants. This conference is a great idea because it gives us the opportunity to create connections that will serve as a basis to guide our future.


Joey ‘Joyce’ Garcia

International Student from Philippines. A proud member of LGBTQI community.
Enjoy joining Transgender Beauty Pageant. Taking up Business Administration major in HRM.
I believe that, by attaining an international degree of Business Administration will help me to get a bigger picture of the business world and to have a deeper understanding of the international market competition and I will be able to better comprehend market movements globally and business structures and will provide me access to plethora of opportunities across the world. As a career-oriented person, I have always wanted to upgrade and broaden my skills and knowledge, studying abroad will provide me a competitive advantage on my career goals and will be able to acquire skills such as independence, open mindedness, and communication with others. My motto in life is “It’s better to endure the hardship of education than to taste the bitterness of ignorance.”

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